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Friday, September 15, 2017

Basic Functional Requirements For Safety Management System

Safety management system is a completely organized system implemented and planned by the shipping companies for making sure the ship safety. SMS is the most important aspect of the ISM code and it provides details about all the significant practices, policies, and processes that need to be followed for making sure safe functioning ships at sea. 

Safety management system makes sure that every single ship complies with mandatory safety regulations and rules, and follow different codes and guidelines that are recommended by classification societies and concerned organizations. 

Every single management policy consists of some basic functional requirements for making sure the safety of every single ship. It includes following:

    Policies and procedures for acting an emergency situation.
    Environmental and safety protection policy.
   Proper information on authority level and different communication lines among ship crew 
     members and shipboard personnel.
    Processes for internal management and audit reviews.
    Different processes for reporting accidents.

Safety managementsystem IA, LA also introduces in a revolutionary procedure in the system from safety management. In US, safety management system IA, LA is a manufacturing procedure that allows organizations to manage safety with the similar priority level that also manages other business processes. It is applicable to both the internal and external aviation organizations.

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